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The Law Firm of Robert J. Frank & Associates, LLC.
West Virginia Legal Malpractice LawyerRepresenting Attorneys and Individuals in Legal Malpractice Claims. No attorney can guarantee a result in a legal case. Lawyers are human beings, and the practice of law is as much of an art as a science. A lawyer can do everything he or she should do, and still lose. However, if the case was lost by negligence or willful disregard for standards of practice, the lawyer may be guilty of malpractice or ethical violations.

Representing Attorneys in Disciplinary Matters and Malpractice Claims

I am attorney Rob Frank in Lewisburg, West Virginia. I advise attorneys on ethical issues and act as personal counsel to attorneys who face the daunting prospect of a disciplinary action or who are accused of legal malpractice.

Disciplinary actions arise more often than not when a lawyer is experiencing chaos or hardship in his or her personal life. Financial issues, health issues, substance abuse or poor law practice management may lead to a downward spiral. In such cases, you need a trial lawyer who can not only protect your legal interests, but also get you the personal and professional help necessary to get your life and practice back on track.

Malpractice claims may also exact a heavy toll on a lawyer. I have acted as counsel retained by a well- known insurer to represent lawyers. I have also acted as personal counsel to ensure a claim is litigated in a manner protective of the lawyer and fair to the claimant.

In addition to legal malpractice, I represent other attorneys in divorce, first amendment claims and other civil proceedings.

Representing Individuals Who Are Victims of Malpractice

Lawyers have a duty to police their own conduct and the conduct of their peers. The practice standards expected of lawyers in West Virginia are high and most lawyers meet those standards. However, when a lawyer fails to meet the high standards expected of them, the client becomes a victim of malpractice. I represent individuals in malpractice claims related to personal injury cases, divorce and family law, estate planning and probate litigation, civil rights, and other areas of law.

Examples of legal malpractice may include:

  • Failure to file a personal injury claim before the statute of limitations expires
  • Failure to file appropriate legal documents, such as discovery
  • Settling a case without asking you
  • Making errors in the civil commitment process
  • Failure to meet accepted standards of practice
  • Attorney misconduct such as misuse of client funds

When a lawyer does not do his or her job, legal rights and benefits may be lost. Such loss of rights often has serious and permanent impact on individuals, families and businesses. If you think you may be the victim of legal malpractice, protect yourself and the integrity of our system of justice by having your claim evaluated by a professional experienced in legal malpractice claims.

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The Law Firm of Robert J. Frank & Associates, LLC.

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