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Representing People Injured in Car Accidents

The law of damages in a car or truck accident case allows a significant recovery only if there is serious injury or wrongful death. Television ads may promise car accident victims “something for nothing,” but nothing could be further from the truth.

I am attorney Rob Frank in Lewisburg, West Virginia. I handle serious injury and wrongful death cases involving car, truck and motorcycle accidents. To these cases I dedicate my experience as a trial lawyer and the full legal and financial resources of my firm. Mine is not a “something for nothing” law practice.

Accident Reconstruction

Often, the only witnesses to a motor vehicle collision are the drivers involved. In such a case, accident reconstruction is required to prove how the accident occurred and who is at fault. This is particularly important in a wrongful death case.

I have worked with some of the best accident reconstruction and bio-mechanical experts in the nation. I understand the uses and limitations of accident reconstruction and can tell you if such services are right for your case.

The Medicine of Car Accidents

Many lawyers fail to appreciate that the most subtle and hard-to-define injuries are often the most significant. This is particularly true in the case of closed-head injuries. Sometimes, these injuries are hard to detect, and lawyers often fail to consider how these very subtle differences affect a person’s ability to work, personality, and even his or her relationships with others.

As an accident victim, you deserve a lawyer who has the ability to understand, appreciate and communicate the nature of your injury to the insurance company, and a jury if necessary. I have written on the topic of detecting and proving minor closed-head injuries, and have access to medical experts necessary to understanding and communicating the medical issues related to your case.

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The Law Firm of Robert J. Frank & Associates, LLC.

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