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Representing Fathers’ Rights in Contested Child Custody Cases

West Virginia Fathers' Rights LawyerEvery father has a constitutional right to be an active and integral part of his children’s lives. This right is protected by the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and is a fundamental right that may be interfered with only in limited circumstances.

I am attorney Rob Frank in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Far too often, a child custody or parenting time case will be used as an excuse to deprive one parent or the other of a relationship with a child. When a legitimate case is used to deprive a parent of a relationship with a child, or when a non-legitimate or false case is used to do so, a parent’s constitutional right to a relationship with his or her child is impacted.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights as a Parent

Most child custody lawyers do not consider the constitutionally protected nature of the right to a parent-child relationship. I approach every child custody case from the perspective of a civil-rights trial attorney. I am committed to ensuring that your right to be a part of your children’s lives is protected.

Most lawyers do not understand how a parent’s constitutional rights impact the “best interests of the child” analysis most often used by the Court. They also fail to consider how the interests of the child are best served when both parents’ constitutional rights to a relationship with their child are protected.

Robert J. Frank is experienced in litigating matters as diverse as:

  • Allegations of child sexual abuse
  • Allegations of physical and non-physical abuse of a child
  • Memory and false memory of a young child
  • Special medical needs of a child with an illness and how that may affect custody
  • How a parent’s occupation, lifestyle, religion or sexual preference may affect the custody determination

Protecting the Rights of Responsible Fathers

As an attorney, I am proud to protect the rights of responsible fathers to parent. Far too many males seek to avoid the financial and nurturing responsibilities that come with the overwhelmingly important title of “father.” Unfortunately, the failures of these irresponsible males (they are not “men” or “fathers”) unfairly create a bias against those strong and determined men who will fight to assume the awesome responsibility of being a child’s father.

If you are a man and you are committed to accepting the responsibility to nurture, teach, support and love your child, you will have no greater advocate than me. I welcome the opportunity to protect your right to parent your child.

However, if you are a male who is seeking to avoid supporting your child or are seeking to avoid being a part of your child’s life, I don’t want your case.

Learn more: The Constitutional Right to Parent.

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The Law Firm of Robert J. Frank & Associates, LLC.

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(304) 520-0702