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Representing People Injured in Truck Accidents

West Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer, Lewisburg, West Virginia

The terrifying truth is that despite all of the laws and safety requirements, tractor trailers and large trucks remain the deadliest vehicles on the nation’s roadways. I am attorney Rob Frank in Lewisburg, West Virginia. I handle serious injury and wrongful death cases involving trucks and other commercial vehicles. To these cases, I dedicate my experience as a trial lawyer and the full legal and financial resources of my firm. Mine is not a something for nothing law practice.

Truck Accident Injuries

In collisions with large trucks, the occupants of cars often sustain severe injuries. You must have a lawyer who understands catastrophic and life-altering injuries and who can communicate the impact and cost of this to claim adjusters and juries.

The Engineering of a Truck Accident Case

Simple physics dictates that in a car-truck collision, the truck is going to win. However, a lawyer must consider factors beyond size, weight and speed.

The lawyer must consider issues such as driver fatigue and reaction time, the maintenance and operation of braking systems, including whether the driver allowed his brakes to overheat in the West Virginia mountains. A lawyer must consider ride height of the truck, visibility issues, and cargo weight and loading. Each of these factors may play a crucial role in determining how a collision occurred and how it could have been prevented.

Understanding the Law in a Truck Accident Case

Trucking is an industry which is closely regulated by state and federal law. In addition to the rules of the road which must be obeyed by all vehicles, large trucks are subject to laws and regulations relating to maintenance and inspection, ride height and under-ride protection, weight, and driver fatigue, among others. The lawyer representing a client in a collision involving a large truck must consider law unique to the trucking industry which may drastically affect case outcomes.

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