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Leading Causes Of Truck Accidents

  • By: Robert Frank
  • Published: January 23, 2018

Huge commercial trucks are suitable for transporting a lot of stuff at once. However, they are behind some of the most grisly road accidents seen on roads today. Statistics indicate that around five hundred thousand accidents on the road are caused indirectly or directly by these commercial trucks.

A significant number of these accidents lead to deaths, and this explains the concern over road safety and trucks. If you have been injured in a truck accident due to the negligence of the truck driver or trucking company, you should speak to a personal injury attorney. Keith Williams Law Group is a leading truck accident attorney who may be able to pursue compensation on your behalf . The government has tried to put in place some measures to curb these accidents. Here are some of the top causes of truck accidents;


This is arguably the most common cause of truck accidents. These drivers are under immense pressure to deliver goods to locations within short timelines, and they tend to drive for long distances with very little rest in between. It is well known that lack of quality sleep is terrible for drivers since they may start dozing off during trips or even lose concentration. The fatigue accumulates over time and may lead to improper coordination behind the wheels of these massive vehicles which causes accidents. In worst case scenarios, the driver even sleeps behind the wheel and gets startled when the damage has already been done.

Driving Under the Influence.

Many drivers have been found guilty of using substances such as drugs and medicines while driving. They take these drugs in stops in between, and they affect their decision making when behind the wheel. Some medications have effects on an individual since they cause dizziness and the sad part is that these effects are clearly labeled on their packages. Regardless of the substances they use, they cannot drive well and lead to accidents.

Inadequate Driving Skills.

Driving a huge commercial truck is not simple, and one needs to undergo rigorous training before they can safely drive one. These individuals are expected to go through several hours of training and meet specific requirements. However, some drivers cut corners when going through these training and get their licenses before they are fully qualified to drive. This results in poorly trained drivers that pose a lot of danger to other motorists.


It has been mentioned that truck drivers are under immense pressure to deliver within set timelines and at times this is not possible. The weather may change and reduce the speeds these drivers can attain, and some parts of the road make them slow down. This way, drivers are tempted to drive above the speed limits, and this is one cause of road accidents. It is well known that trucks are harder to control when they are moving at high speeds, and this endangers the lives of other motorists. Overtaking at high speeds forces other drivers with smaller cars to veer off the road for safety and this causes accidents.

Mechanical Problems.

Commercial trucks move for long distances while carrying heavy loads, and this puts a lot of strain on them. Owners are faced with the challenge of continually maintaining them, and it is common to see them skip one or two things in a bid to try and cut costs. Such problems are worse when they come out while the truck is moving and can make the driver unable to control it. Brake failure is a common cause of accidents involving large trucks. To keep the trucks safe, one should ensure that they maintain them properly and not allow them to move with faulty or worn out parts.

Some of the leading causes of truck accidents have been mentioned, and the people who own and drive them can do a lot to reduce the number of accidents and thus keep the lives of other motorists safe.

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