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Accidental Injuries At The Workplace

  • By: Robert Frank
  • Published: February 5, 2018

Employers have a duty to protect their employees and inform them about the health and safety issues that affect them. Employers must report incidents and accidents, pay their employees sick pay, and give time off for accidents at the workplace. Serious diseases and dangerous accidents related to the workplace or work duties must be reported by the employer to the local health and safety department. The following incident at the workplace must be reported:

Employees Health and Safety

Its employer’s duty to carry out the risk assessment and take care of the health and safety of the employees as well as visitors. Deciding how much first aid equipment and first aiders are needed at the workplace and must provide them. Some employers offer first aiders to pay extra but first aides have no such legal right.

Recording the Accidents

Injuries at work whether it’s a minor or major injury must be recorded in the employer’s record book. All employers must keep the accident book. It is primarily for the employees benefit so to provide the information of what incident happened when needed for example for later on compensation claim. In addition to that, accident record book helps the employer to understand what went wrong and take necessary actions to avoid the accidents in future.

Sick Pay

In majority cases, if employee needs the time off as a result of the workplace accident, then they can only get the Statutory Sick Pay. Some employers have schemes for paying more for taking time off due to the accident or may agree to extra pay depending on the nature of the incident.

Filing the Injury Claim

If an employee gets injured at the workplace because of employers fault, then its employee’s right to make a compensation claim. The claim must be filed within the three years of the accident date and to make a claim, the plaintiff needs an attorney to represent its case. If the employee belongs to the trade union, then he/she can use their own legal services otherwise speak to Palm Springs Workplace Accident Attorney.

If considering to sue the employer, then remember that it is not about getting ‘free’ money. It also involves court fees and other legal costs. According to law, the employer must be insured to cover the successful claim and should place the certificate with the insurance company name from where it can be seen.

What Actions To Take After The Accident

If suffered the accident at work, the victim should:

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